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About Our Leader

Aasit Shah


Aasit Shah, an alumnus of University of Southern California, USA and a Silicon Valley veteran came back to his Home Country after working with Adobe Systems & eBay with a Zest to “Create” and he created “eQuinoxx”. Since its inception in 2009, team eQuinoxx is dedicated to the diverse areas of Art Design & Films industry and today they take pride in being an alpha in Education & Production of Art Design & Entertainment industries.


Art & Design industry followed a very conventional path in a way it was taught and also in a way it was Bought & Sold. Aasit wanted to create a Niche for himself by bringing a revolution in the Art & Design industry. He CREATED a teaching method in Art & Design where the training  given based on 3 aspects: Technical, Creative & Digital. He also CREATED a unique Customized Artwork Market which brought a major Breakthrough in the industry. Now, with eQuinoxx’s launch in Entertainment industry, he is determined to bring innovation in the way Films and TV Shows are produced.


Aasit has always liked leading from the front. He has come a long way leading as a General Secretary in School to Vice President at USC in Computer Science Graduate Organization to the Chairmain (Marketing & Communication) of GCCI Youth Wing and has several Awards and Recognitions in his name. He has been hailed by Divya Bhaskar as the “Young Turk of India/GenNEXT Entrepreneur” for his business-ideas & being an inspiration for the new age. He has been featured on Radio on MYFM’s My Icon Show as well as interviewed by Gujarat TV, Ahmedabad Times, Economic Times, City Bhaskar as well as Mumbai Mirror publications. He’s been also invited by Nirma School of Management & B.K School of Management for talking on Entrepreneurship. Aasit has also judged various Business Plan Competitions in Management Schools.

Kalpesh Khale


Mr. Kalpesh Khale is the Creative Head of eQuinoxx. He hails from Mumbai, India and is an award winning artist with immense talent.


It is owing to his hard work and perfectionist attitude that has taken eQuinoxx to new heights. He leads the team of artists’ group working for the firm and has worked on numerous renowned national and international projects using his innovative approach.