ART…what does it really mean?

For some it is a form of EXPRESSION, for some a way to COMMUNICATE your Ideas or Thoughts and for some it is a form of REPRESENTATION. “ART & DESIGN” is a subjective matter, totally based on an individual’s Feelings, Tastes or Opinions. Whenever any Artwork or a Design strikes a chord in your heart, it gives you a unique experience and this is what “eQuinoxx” is about: “Creating Unique Experiences!”

Since its inception in 2009, eQuinoxx has created a niche for itself in the field of Art & Design. Team eQuinoxx is dedicated to the diverse areas of Art Design & Films industry and today they take pride in being an alpha in Education & Production of Art Design & Entertainment Industries. Below are our various verticals;

eQuinoxx Animation & VFX Academy occupies a unique position in Animation Film training. It offers Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs in Animation & Multimedia and strives to provide the world with Talented and Creative Professionals.

eQuinoxx Creative Arts Academy is based on a foundation of training for both Adults & Kids in Creative Crafts Arts with focus on 3 aspects: Technical, Creative & Digital so that they can ace in their Creative Careers.

eQuinoxx Motion Pictures is an ambitious Entertainment Platform of a Production House to produce Movies & TV Shows world-wide. The Production House is looking forward to several exciting releases in the coming years.

eQuinoxx Design Studio is an International Studio providing Customized Artworks & Path-breaking designs to its clients. It has a diverse portfolio of variety of commissioned Artworks that has been implemented in a variety of Architectural spaces at different sites. Along with Artworks, eQuinoxx also has a very eclectic portfolio in Design where they have worked on projects like Brand Development, Creative Marketing, Election Campaigning, Event Designing/Campaigning, Product Designing, etc.

It is rightly said that a Vision can take a Business to an Enormous Heights and eQuinoxx is backed by a very talented Visionary Leader, Aasit Shah whose Entrepreneur skills gave wings to eQuinoxx.

All our art work is created through a well-structured process

We are comfortable in using all sorts of conventional as well as unconventional materials to give our best shot to produce each customized art form. For instance, we can work using metal wires, paper, wood, stone, marble, electronic wastes and other waste materials, thermocol, acrylic, ceramics, vinyl among others. Using these materials we offer intricately designed, innovative art work in commercial as well as in residential properties that include but are not limited to the following :