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Mr. Aasit Shah

Managing Director,

eQuinoxx House Of Art, Design & Films

Aasit Shah, an alumnus of University of Southern California, USA and a Silicon Valley veteran came back to his Home Country after working with Adobe Systems & eBay with a Zest to “Create” and he created “eQuinoxx”.

Aasit has always liked leading from the front. He has come a long way leading as a General Secretary in School to Vice President at USC in Computer Science Graduate Organization to the Chairman (Marketing & Communication) of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Youth Wing) and has several Awards and Recognitions in his name. He has been awarded by Times Of India as “Icon of Gujarat” and featured on cover page of Silicon India- An International Magazine with 1 million+ readers.


eQuinoxx believes in Successful Careers with Happy Lives. Thus with all the learning, we have lots of fun too. We have our Themed Annual Parties, we celebrate every vibrant festival, birthdays, special occasions and go for awesome movies in huge groups. We simply rock!

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