Branding & Design

Branding & Design

Being one of the best design studios in the country, eQuinoxx offers a number of graphic design related services to its clients. Having expertise in this domain since years, we are confident in our abilities to deliver exceptional designs that do all the talking.

Logo Designs

A logo is essential for any business and firm as it creates a unique corporate identity. This is the reason why you can’t be casual with your logo design and choose the services of top design studios like eQuinoxx for this purpose. What we do is, sit with you and discuss your business or organization at length. Once we understand what it is all about, we conceptualize a design that represents your brand perfectly. Our team has created numerous professional logos that aptly serve your requirements such as making a lasting impression on everyone, enhancing your brand visibility and giving your customers something that they can identify or relate you with. Basically, we will give you a logo that will speak for itself.

Mascot Designs

A mascot is a memorable character associated with a company, product, business or service that is used to connect with the audience on different levels and in different media. They are something that an audience identifies you with and so, having the right mascot can surely be beneficial in creating a different identity on the market and boost your sales. eQuinoxx Design Studio understands the need for this special character or mascot and hence, we provide our clients a specialized and dedicated service in this direction. We carefully plan the mascot after discussing your business and business objectives with you. After this, we decide the type of mascot, the colors to be used, create initial design and incorporate various changes as per your inputs till you are completely satisfied.

Brochure Designs

Brochures are effective marketing and communication tools that you can use to convey information about your products and services. Since they are used to directly reach out to your customers, you can take the advantage of their versatility and design them in the most attractive way. eQuinoxx Design Studio has wide experience in this industry and can offer a number of choices for your brochures. You can either come to us with a specific design in mind or opt for our customized designs for brochures that take your business and company to new altitudes. We are sure that by choosing us to design brochures for your firm, you will definitely get the desired results.

Stationery Designs

eQuinoxx Design Studio has been at the helm of great stationery designs that effectively increases your brand’s visibility, enhances your company image and also promotes it. Our expertise lies in designing quality stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, writing pads, invitation cards, business invoice and anything that you want us to design.You just need to specify your requirements to our team of artists in detail so that they can aptly do the needful. They are all skilled in this department and will surely offer you unforeseen work of art that you can get on various stationery items of your choice.

Ad Designs

Advertising is one of the sure shot ways to amplify sales. We at eQuinoxx Design Studio are experts in creating ad designs for various medium using our skills and technology such as – print ad design, television ad design, online ad design among others. We plan and create advertisement designs from the inception to the implementation stage by involving our clients at each and every step. This makes sure that we seamlessly offer you the required solutions that meet your business objectives in best possible manner.

Social Media Campaign

Today the whole Marketing Picture has been changed with the introduction of Social Media which is a very powerful tool aiding your Marketing Strategy. If you are not using it for your Business, you are already behind! At eQuinoxx, we provide you with the best Social Media Campaign to boost up your Business.


Event Design

DESIGN MATTERS and it matters the most for Events. As your Event designer we deal with all aspects of your meeting event for it to have its own Ethos.


Launch Campaign

eQuinoxx Design Studio very well understand how important a launch of your Business, Product or Service can be and we perfectly aid to your requirements by providing you with the best practice we use for a Launch Campaign.


Creative Marketing Solutions

We provide you with Smart, Quick & Effective Marketing solutions that are Innovative and Disruptive.