Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Order unique creative art installations for your home or office by selecting any of the services mentioned here. We are adept in providing you apt art work that mirrors your requirements and adheres to your fine tastes.


eQuinoxx is one of the best design studios that specialize in creation of commissioned sculpture design for its clients. We have vast experience in offering our designs to our elite clients based in India and abroad to give them the best art form ever created. Get custom made art installations such as sculptures, statues, statuettes and various other models of different dimensions from our doorstep. Using various materials like marble, brass, copper, acrylic, bronze and even wired metal, we have created highly attractive sculptures in the past based on the requirements and taste of our clients.


eQuinoxx Design Studio has a proven expertise in offering wall painting of various dimensions, colors, styles (abstract, modern, traditional) and themes. Our wall murals are created by seasoned artists who have a rich knowledge of this art and can use different paints and designs to give you customized art pieces that you will display proudly. Whether you want digital painting, textured painting, layered painting, 3D painting or anything that inspires you, we will create it for you to enhance your decor. You can get a better idea of our finesse in this area by going through our portfolio.

Thermocol Models

eQuinoxx Design Studio is well-versed in creating distinct varieties of thermocol models or of your interest. Be it creating customized monograms relevant to your business theme or making life size models of your company mascot, place the order with us and we will get it done and that too within your budget constraints. From what we have experienced, these models are perfect for those who want temporary art installation in a quick timeframe. Thermocol as a medium is immensely versatile and thus, it allows us to create stunning work of art based on any concept. We have a vast portfolio consisting of examples of our previous works in this particular field. You can have a quick look at the same to get an idea of the quality of work that we do and how we can be beneficial to your business model.

Clay Models

eQuinoxx Design Studio is also skilled in creating clay models in the shortest span of time. This is because we have been working with this medium since a long time and have achieved a high degree of expertise in the same. Our artisans will bring art to life by using their experience in this niche and creating state of the art clay models or sculptures for your spaces. Whether you want a replica of something or want us to design and create any sculpture from scratch, you name it and we will use the best resources to make it possible. Offering high quality commissioned art work is one of the things that we excel in and hence, you can be assured that you will get the finest custom art work that suits all your needs and conforms to your aesthetic sense.