VFX / Post Production

VFX / Post-Production

Visual Effects or VFX is one of the key elements in the Post-production stage. It is yet another part of our services, which we offer our clients and mainly covers editing, compositing, motion graphics and visual effects.


At eQuinoxx Design Studio, we provide our exclusive editing services to enhance your project further. For this, our skilled professionals use their creativity and editing skills to give final touches to your projects, making them ready for the purpose you intended. This includes video compression, video editing, audio editing and anything and everything that helps you make maximum impact on your target audience. We specially train our professionals so that they can independently handle all your queries and give you satisfactory results. We work in close quarters with you at this stage and hence, there is no scope of shoddy work but crisp editing. This way, the final work turns out to be absolutely flawless.


Compositing refers to the process of combining various visual elements from multiple sources into single images and give the illusion that they are nothing but the same picture. This technique is immensely popular amongst our clients from the film and video production industry. We at eQuinoxx Design Studio are thorough with various nuances that are involved in this process namely Chroma Key, green screen, blue screen, beauty enhancements, motion graphic design, set extensions, rig removal, environmental effect and split screens to name a few. Our high degree of proficiency in this allows us to deliver endless variants of special effects as required by our clients. In fact, our team of talented artists seamlessly work using our dedicated resources to provide enhanced results to you every single time. Moreover, their expertise allows them to complete each project within strict deadlines, thereby saving your time.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is another service that we provide to our clients. We have the required knowledge to use the latest video as well as animation technologies and combine them with audio for perfect multimedia projects. We have the best facilities as well as immensely creative team of professionals, which will help you achieve your aims.

Visual Effects

eQuinoxx Design Studio offers its clients a plethora of VFX services under the same roof, which ranges from visualization, storyboard, design, editing, rendering, compositing etc. Its team of artisans have the required expertise to give you the very best of VFX that you can incorporate in your project(s). For instance, you can approach us to incorporate VFX in TV commercial, title designs, animation, short films, documentaries etc. Over the years, we have worked on numerous small, medium and large scale projects using the best resources in our studio. This experience along with the fact that we are driven by passion, reflects in all our work including those relevant to VFX. Hence, you get perfect results that give you maximum returns.