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Buddha Painting, India

Artwork created for Swati Procon Residence

For the same clients – Swati Procon Pvt. Ltd, we created two huge paintings. The details of the same are given as under:

    Wall Paintings for private residence

  • For the entrance foyer of the residence of our client, we created a paneled painting of Lord Budhdha.
  • The dimensions were 10 feet by 12 feet and done by using acrylic on canvas
  • This particular hand painted wall art has earthly colours and is done in such a way that it looks mesmerizing at the first look itself. It gives a sense of tranquility and since Budhdha is a symbol of peace, it also ushers in positive vibes in the property.
  • It came out really nice and looked every bit magnificent and blended well with the overall look and feel of their residence.