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Teamwork Sculpture, India

Artwork created for Ardor International

Basic Materials used:Metal Wires

Dimension:5 feet and 10 inches tall

Concept: Metal frame structure depicting teamwork

We also worked on a creative sculpture for the boardroom of Ardor International. The client basically required us to create something that depicted teamwork. Working on this succinct brief, we thought of creating sculptures of human figures engrossed in discussion regarding their work. However, instead of going for traditional sculptures, we took the path less travelled and went on to use wires to make three figures.

Out of these three sculptures, two were suspended in air and this we managed by putting all the weight in the foot and nowhere else. Also, to show that one of them is the boss, we put a cup of coffee in that figure’s hand and showed the rest two holding the latest gadgets and busy brainstorming over maybe some important project! This is something that lent class to the whole setting and brought in a corporate feel over all, without being way too dull and boring.