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El Casa Matador, Dubai

Artwork created for EL SUR restaurant in Westin Resort

Basic Materials used:Stainless Steel Rods Acrylic

Dimension:6 Feet tall, 80 Kgs

Concept: Spanish Matador

We created El Caza Matador for another premium client of ours, which is – EL SUR restaurant in Westin Resort, Dubai. Since it was the very first world class contemporary Spanish restaurant in Dubai, we thought of going with the theme and yet, do something different for them.

Our artists got the brief and what they did is procured 5 mm stainless steel rods of varying length and formed the shape of a six feet tall life size matador for entrance. The twist in the tale here was that instead of giving a human head to the installation, we gave the matador a bull’s head and a red flag in the hand. This is what made it extraordinary and pleased our clients.

No doubt, working with unconventional metal like steel was not easy for us. But we relentlessly pursued the project with great fervor and in the end, we got what we had hoped for and much more!