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Multilayer Ganesha Painting, India

Artwork created for Swati Procon Residence

Basic Materials used: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension:5.25 feet by 5.25 feet

Concept: Hindu Religious Symbols

Swati Procon Pvt. Ltd is the name of a construction firm based in Ahmedabad. For their owner’s residence, we had to create an art form that would be visible immediately upon setting foot in its premises. Since entrance of a household and religious symbols go hand in hand in our Indian culture, we decided to create a multi-layered canvas painting that would occupy the vacant entrance wall and also usher in good fortunes for the residents.

We used our indigenous artistry to make the 5.25 feet by 5.25 feet three layered painting. The first layer consisted of a cutout of Lord Ganesha in pure copper. The other two layers have unique colour combinations that are in-sync with Hindu tradition and our cultural heritage. Look at the last layer or frame closely and you will be able to view Garuda wings, Aum symbol as well as Goddess Laxmi’s footsteps. All in all, the painting stands for everything auspicious for any Hindu household.

Additionally, it is quite obvious that we created this art concept and materialized it as well exclusively for our client, with no other piece available on the market.