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Multilayer OM Sculpture, India

Artwork created for Mittal Residence

Basic Materials used: Acrylic

Dimension:3 feet by 3 feet

Concept: Multilayered religious structure

In India, the entrance to any residence usually bears some or the other religious symbols or structures. With this thought in our mind, we created a multilayered ‘Aum’ structure for the entrance of Mittals’ residence by using intensive creativity.

The concept was so unique that it can’t be replicated by just about anyone. What we essentially did was start with a Swastika symbol in white color in the first layer that was conjoined with four Aum structures of the same color. This was followed by other layers of Aum, all in a spiral arrangement and consisting of different colors in each layer viz – off white, yellow, orange and red.

These five layers look different when seen individually and yet, they are one with Aum being the common element in each layer and giving it an aesthetic touch. This is what makes the structure customized to our clients’ taste and gives them something that they will own exclusively.