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Creative Organ Sculptures, India

Artwork created for Shatayu, an NGO wing of the Ganesh Foundation

Basic Materials used: Acrylic

Dimension:4 feet

Concept: Organs as characters

Shatayu is an NGO wing of the Ganesh Foundation. They work for spreading awareness amongst people regarding organ donation and wanted us to come up with something that could make the otherwise dull and drab organ donation campaign come alive and be a bit fun for the masses.

So, what we did was create 4 ft statues or sort of characters for this NGO. However, instead of taking the traditional route, we replaced the human faces with various organs that are usually donated like – heart, kidney and eyes. In the final output, the body was made in white but the organs were in colors. This put emphasis on them and overall, the sculptures looked every bit non-conventional with tremendous mass appeal.