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Horse Sculpture, Dubai

Artwork created for The Royal Highness of Dubai

Basic Materials used: Kitchenware – Non-Stick Spoons, Ladles and Spatulas

Dimension: 5 Feet Tall and 3.5 Feet Deep

Concept: Innovative Themed Sculpturen

Horses are iconic to the Arab world and ever since time immemorial, they have been iconic in their culture. With this bit of history in our mind, we set out to create this unique sculpture of three horses that seem to be racing out of a restaurant wall.

Because the art installation was meant for the restaurant, what we did was get a number of non-stick spoons, ladles and spatulas that you can find in any kitchen. We then created these three horses entirely out of these kitchenware. The end result was stunning and spectacular and was a true crowd puller in each and every sense of the word.

And that’s not all. One of these art installations were gifted to His Royal Highness of Dubai. This level of appreciation of our work is way better than any reward that we can ever get!