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Table Top Mini Sculpture, Dubai

Artwork created for TCI – The Change Initiative Mall

Basic Materials used: Plastic files and folders

Dimension:1 foot diameter

Concept: Best from Waste

For TCI Store’s corporate office, we were assigned to create a desk show piece. Being sticklers for innovative design, we thought of this colourful art work. To create it, we sourced various plastic files and folders of different colors. Then, we cut out butterflies of varying dimensions from them and arranged them on a base material in such a way that they gave the look and feel of the seven colours of a rainbow.

When it was completed, the showpiece could be seen from different angles and from each of the angles, it looked totally different. Since we created it from recycled waste materials, it easily blended with the message that TCI wants to give to the world. This way, our unique customized art form created from a totally unconventional material, met their requirements aptly.