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Nuts N Bolts Bench, Dubai

Artwork created for TCI – The Change Initiative Mall

Basic Materials used: Rusted Nuts and Bolts

Dimension:5 Feet wide

Concept: Best from Waste

The Change Initiative had an entrance that clearly needed something that could immediately draw the attention of the visitors. Hence, what we thought of is about creating an uncommon art piece, which will really entice everyone who looks at it. Again, the challenge was to do something that was directly related to the theme of the mall that is sustainability.

We racked our brains and came up with a splendid plan – that of creating a Bench. However, this was no ordinary bench. Our artisans created it completely out of waste materials like rusted nuts and bolts. Scores of the materials were used to create this particular bench and to give it a twist, we made it ‘disintegrate in the air’. This is what gave the Bench a truly dazzling effect. Additionally, the final installation was so strong and sturdy, that it could take the weight of an adult sitting on it. Interesting isn’t it?