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Book & Pen Plaque, India

Artwork created for BNB English School in Surat

Basic Materials used: Stone and Brass

Dimension:3 ft wide and 4 ft tall

Concept: Unique plaque in the form of a book

Our creative prowess is not just limited to the corporate world, private residences and the retail sector but also extends to the field of education as well. Take the instance of our customized art installation project for BNB English School in Surat. This very school was established under the benevolence of the Bhakta family based in USA, who donated funds and laid its foundation.

As a token of gratitude we were assigned the task to create a dedicatory plaque for the donors. Surely, we could have gone ahead and etched a few names here and there in beautiful fonts on a marble or other stone. But given the mavericks that are, we wanted to explore something that goes beyond the traditional norms of creating plaques. Hence, thinking from an ‘ACADEMIC’ point of view, we gave it the unique form of a book. Although from the front view, it might come across as a flat surface, but look at it from sides and you will be able to see pages and the spine of an actual book!

And that is not all. To make the plaque even more special, we created an ink pen emboss on the front that encompasses the image of the main donor. To make the main donor’s name seem different than the others, we used brass engraving for the same. The other donors names are highlighted in brass (the names are all individually cut out from brass and inserted in the plaque).