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Abstract Human Sculpture, Dubai

Artwork created for TCI – The Change Initiative Mall

Basic Materials used: Mirror, MDF, Aluminium

Dimension:22 Feet tall

Concept: : Best from Waste

Yet another art project that we created for TCI – The Change Initiative Store in Dubai was a tall human structure, which was made by using unconventional raw materials. Albeit, the materials were all recycled such and consisted of mirrors and used Aluminium cans.

The structure was to be installed at a prominent location inside the mall. This is what prompted us to think of something truly inventive and innovative and at the same time, highlighting the importance of sustainability in our lives.

The base of the structure was made entirely from tin while the whole length of it was created using mirror pieces. When an onlooker tries to see his or her complete reflection in the mirror, it becomes difficult owing to the varying angles and shapes of the mirror. We did this deliberately

to bring the point in focus the underlying concept that how human evolution is affected by pollution.

We also created numerous suspended butterflies made from aluminum and if you observe the structure, you will find that the density of the butterflies decreases from bottom to top. The colors also begin to fade in the same order. This is another way of showing how plastic is leading to pollution and it is affecting other lives on this planet as well.

All in all, we wanted to create not just any fancy art piece but something that carries forward the legacy of TCI and passes their message of sustainability and recycling to various generations of visitors. This installation is an apt example of how we create art forms from scratch that are highly customized to blend in with the tastes, the requirements and the objectives of all our elite clientele.