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Five Elements & Sun Painting, India

Artwork created for Ardor International

Basic Materials used: Acrylic painting on MDF panels

Dimension: 24 feet length by 4 feet breadth

Concept: Five elements and Sun

Ardor International Private Limited is a firm based in Ahmedabad that deals in chemicals. It has huge premises in a corporate building, wherein it occupies multiple floors. The challenge was to provide art work that would speak for itself and at the same time, provide a sense of unity and corporate identity to the employees working there.

After giving it much thought, team eQuinoxx came up with the concept of using five elements or Panch-tattva as a theme (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Space, Sun) for walls located in the six floors of the firm. We hand painted on MDF panels on these walls using acrylic paint and created unique 3D look and feel in them.

If you observe, the paintings are all geometrical and have a set of color combinations that lend them a sort of uniqueness and creates a balance. We used only minimal colors and used similar sorts of geometric pattern to keep up with the theme. Using only a handful of colours, we created our art work and gave them certain depth and meaning. As a result, just by taking one look at each of the paintings you will clearly know which of them symbolize which element.

For instance, take the painting that we have created to depict space and you will find that it has colors that define space and also has some debossed patterns, to make the onlooker get a complete feel of that particular element. We have given embossed, debossed features to the other elements as well (except Earth) to give them an aura of grandiose.

The resultant look of our art work was out and out modern and yet it didn’t take away from the theme. With other walls in plain white, our work stood out as a brilliant highlight and brought in a breath of freshness with the same on each of the floors.